We've received emails from educators thanking us for our model rocketry pages and informing us that some of their rocketry minded students have used us as a resource for learning about this rewarding hobby. It's gratifying....make that REALLY COOL to know that in some small way we are "paying it forward" with webpages we put up seven or more years ago. In turn some of the students have found some new links on the subject we can all use. Thank you all!



Angela, a student of Ms. Parnell has pointed our browser in the direction of another excellent page with a lot of great information and related links for anybody interested in checking out model rocketry. We particularly liked the part about the 13th century origins and "arrows of fire"...many links to straightforward articles on the safety, science and experiences of model rocketeers and links to plans for models that you can't get in stores anymore. Thank you Angela! Ceiling unlimited!



Ms. Ward, a teacher in Delaware has managed to evade our security team on behalf of one of her students. Rachel came across this very page in research that the class was doing on Science Hobbies. We are flattered to be credited as a source of useful information in the field... And seeing as this internet thing looks like it's catching on, Rachel sends along this link:

"A Kid's Space Center - Fun With Model Rockets"

It has an excellent article about the history of Model Rocketry and more links to more articles (with more links to other links, linked to other articles) and many very cool safe rocketry activities that can be done with stuff that's just hangin out around the house. Thank you Rachel and may your center of gravity always be ahead of your center of pressure.



It's come to our attention that students have been finding the planet andy model rocket department a useful resource in their studies. Claire from Mrs. Valo's 5th grade class has suggested that we add

to our list of resources. This link connects to many more in depth articles within the field of model rocketry.

Thanks Claire! Great find! Keep em flying!

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