1/54th Scale


WANTED: 1/54th scale astronauts. Plastic molded people need not apply.

Standing over 2 feet tall, this is a "clone" of an out of production kit of the Titan slipped to us by er..um Pimp Daddy Rocketry...Check em' out they got some mind blowing memory jogging clones. This model flies on two 18mm engines which need to fire precisely at the same time.

 Project Gemini was the second spaceflight program in which the United States of America sent humans into space, between Projects Mercury and Apollo, during the years 1963-1966. Its objective was to develop techniques for advanced space travel, notably those necessary for Apollo, whose objective was to land men on the Moon. Gemini missions involved extravehicular activity and orbital maneuvers including rendezvous and docking.

The Gemini Program was conceived after it became evident to NASA officials that an intermediate step was required between the projects Mercury and Apollo. The major objectives assigned to Gemini were: To subject two men and supporting equipment to long-duration flights, a requirement for projected later trips to the moon or deeper space; To effect rendezvous and docking with other orbiting vehicles, and to maneuver the docked vehicles in space, using the propulsion system of the target vehicle for such maneuvers; To perfect methods of reentry and landing the spacecraft at a pre-selected land-landing point;To gain additional information concerning the effects of weightlessness on crew members and to record the physiological reactions of crew members during long duration flights.

FIRST FLIGHT, 2 x A83 Motors 7:15AM 09/02/05

AN OUTSTANDING FLIGHT, 2 x B6-4 motors 4:45PM 09/05/05