Gotta hand it to Carl and Sheryl over there at Semroc Astronautics. They obtain the rights to interesting and beloved kits that have gone out of production and bring em' back.. Semroc reproduces the kits with detailed instructions, quality components and really reasonable prices. Feast your eyes on the stunning Laser X. Originally produced in 1968 by the Centuri company the Laser X stands 21.5" tall and weighs in at 1.8 ounces. It has two body tube sizes joined by a shroud transition. The fins are laser cut for precision, the recovery system has been improved from the original model using kevlar cords and the decals were amazingly strong making them nicely maneuverable during application. Laser X took it's first flights on December 24, 2004 going about 150 feet on an A83 motor and then about 450 feet on a B64. Both flights were perfect. The Laser X can reach an altitude of 750 feet on a C engine and returns to earth's surly bonds on a 12" parachute.