Mudflaps anyone? The Sky Ferry is the pickup truck of the planet andy spring '07 fleet. She boasts a payload section which can be hold hi-tech spy devices, altitude/speed measuring devices, one celled microorganisms for experimental purposes, miniture plastic spacemen, barbies, cowboys or just cows...but that would be weird. It can be launched on an 1/8"or 3/16" launch rod when it's built stock. Ours has been hot-rodded with a 1/4" launch lug in place of the 3/16" lug. Pin stripes were applied using slices of black monokote in our detailing department. It's versatility is such that it can be powered by as low energy as an 18mm B motor or for those big loads you can use up to a 24mm E motor. You can relive the Sky-Ferry's dramatic first flight which took place on a C6-5 at 7:00AM on Cinco de Mayo 2007 by clicking on the in flight picture below. For the record, the Sky-Ferry returned safely on it's mylar canopy style parachute but the auto-focus on our video camera focused on some dirt on the lens so this video ends shortly after the parachute ejects and the rocket becomes blurred and invisible.